Insured Finance - Documentation


Insured Finance (INFI) is a decentralized P2P insurance marketplace with easy claims and instant payouts. Powered by Polygon.

Protect Against Stablecoin Devaluation

Stablecoins remain exposed to a variety of risks like security lapses and issuer bankruptcy. Insured Finance users can protect against stablecoin devaluation.

Smart Contract Coverage Coming Soon!

Protect against bugs and smart contract exploits. Tens of millions in USD value has been evaporated at the hands of smart contract attacks. Insured Finance users can protect against such events.

Cryptocurrency Holdings and Exchange Cover Coming Soon!

Insured Finance users can insure their holdings on a cryptocurrency exchange. If the exchange is hacked or experiences bankruptcy, users with coverage are compensated.

Rug Pull Cover Coming Soon!

Hedge DeFi positions by covering rug pull possibilities. If a rug pull happens, Insured Finance users are covered.

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