Claim Monitoring Period & Claims Payout - V1

Claim Monitoring Period (Stablecoin Example)

The claim monitoring period is key to the payout process and helps avoid price glitches in the market. The monitoring period is 72 hours.

  • If you make a claim as the event occurs, the event still needs to enter the monitoring period. In the monitoring period, the specifics of the devaluation event are being assessed. You need to check your claim manually later to see if the claim is eligible for payout.

  • If the event is still within the monitoring time frame and you make your claim, the monitoring period still needs to be carried out before the claim can be processed. You need to check your claim manually later.

  • If the devaluation event has occurred over 72 hours ago, the monitoring period has been passed. In this case, you will get your payout instantly.

Claims Payout (Stablecoin Example)

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